MotionLabMotionLabMotionLab Projection Mapping Showreel

MotionLab Projection Mapping Showreel

MotionLab is a new media creative studio specialized in 2D and 3D animation, projection mapping, interactive installations. Motionlab studio is operating worldwide. We combine art, science, and technology in every work we produce.
Vanessa Hafenbrädl – latest video installationsVanessa Hafenbrädl – latest video installations

Vanessa Hafenbrädl – latest video installations

Summary of my publicly listed videoinstallations – free work as well as commissioned works. In my videos, I bring organic elements in conjunction with mystic, projected onto different materials and surfaces, according to the philosophy “panta rhei” (everything flows). I make images in a context available to the viewer, so he can tell his own […]