Opera Touch Launch

This is a short review of Opera Touch browser launch event, which we were responsible for. Enjoy! The software company Opera invited MOOV to design and the launch event of the new OperaTouch browser. The presentation took place on the 25th of April 2018 in the presence of invited guests, but it was also live-streamed […]

Opening Сycle Track in Kyiv / 3D Light Show / Ukraine

Amazing Opening Сycle Track in Kyiv / 3D Light Show / Ukraine In Kiev, the opening of the renovated cycle track, which is one of the oldest cycling tracks in Europe (built in 1913). It was not once tried to destroy and restore, but today, after decades of oblivion, the Kiev cycle track has reborn […]

1C-Bitrix 2016 / Interior LED Installation / Ukraine

Ukrainian Partner conference “1C-Bitrix” NoMapping Interior LED Installation Ukraine, Kiev, Congress and exhibition center Parkovy http://bitrixconf.com.ua http://www.nomapping.com https://www.youtube.com/c/Nomapping https://www.facebook.com/NoMapping https://vk.com/nomapping