Video-mapping on mosque – Dubai 2016 / Sharjah 2017

Oasis-oasis is an in-situ digital mural. Light projection is used here as kinectic painting. During a 10 minutes spacialised video loop, we can peep a choregraphic ballet of shapes, patterns and colors recalling – through an abstract narration – the concept of oasis as a place of gathering, blending, and luxuriance. This piece, produced by […]

Garoclub 2016

Festival Garorock 2016. Mapping sur décor DJ Booth réalisé par Ad Lib Créations sur une idée originale de Vincent Saedy, d’après le visuel crée par El Grand Chamaco pour les 20 ans du festival.. Soirée carte blanche à l’I-BOAT avec J-Zbel & 42.195. Motion design, texturing, mapping & Vijing : Christian Gimat &Thomas Fayolle.

MESHSPLASH Circle of Lifgt 2016

ART VISION Classic winner 1st prize

1C-Bitrix 2016 / Interior LED Installation / Ukraine

Ukrainian Partner conference “1C-Bitrix” NoMapping Interior LED Installation Ukraine, Kiev, Congress and exhibition center Parkovy


We can see the light. Where it does not exist! We are changing the space. We’re going into space. We’re close to the stars. We create the forms. We break barriers. We’re loved by millions. We appreciate everyone. We participate in festivals. We’re the winners. We’re … ILLUMINARIUM3000 And we believe that Everything is illuminated! […]