TeN & Drummer Andy – GMTRY16Bit

Artist:Chang Funju 張方禹 & Kuo YenHung 郭彥宏
Mapping Visual:Kuo YenHung 郭彥宏, Hsieh PeiYin 謝佩吟, Afon Lin 林志峯
Lighting programed by Chang Funju 張方禹
Paper Assembly by Afon Lin 林志峯
Structure Design:Kuo YenHung 郭彥宏 & Chang Funju 張方禹

Production House:Tripper
Video directed by Chang Funju 張方禹, Hsieh PeiYin 謝佩吟
Photographer: Huang JunTuan 黃俊團
Assistant camera – 小伍
Aerial cinematography – Ray Wen
Assistant lighting – 邱宏宇, 莊策堯
Edited by Chang Funju 張方禹
Stylist:Noreen Wu 伍俊芝
Model:Celine Lin 林思伶
Produced by Andy Lin 林盈禕


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