Summoning the “King of Knights”Projection Mapping

I’ve also included explanations about the people in charge of each component. Costume Designer / Cosplayer : DaLi(

Armor craft artist : Wasabi(

Sword creator : Dai(

Projection Mapping : Megadebu(

Projection Mapping / 3D modeler : mon7(

Photographer : Shobe(

Camera Department : Nagasawa Hideto(ARK JAPAN)(

Lighting designer : Mizuhara kazuho(HEART-S)(

Studio : sunstudio(

Translator : Adachi Translator : Suika(

Production management : Mugiko(

Project support : Shizuoka(

Special thanks : NAKAMÜ / kabi Planning / Program / Director : Gomi(

Excalibur 3D modeling data :

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