Suicide Squad Video Mapping

For the release of the film Suicide Squad, Warner innovated and presented a video mapping on Av. Paulista X Consolação one day before the release of the film in Brazil. The idea came from J.Walter Thompson agency that contacted us to develop and animate the entire content of the action. For this project we invited the directors duo Alton to be part of the creation team. The result caught the attention of thousands of onlookers passing by and more thousands who saw the action live on the Internet.

Direction: Midiadub
Animation Direction: Alton
CG Artists: Pedro Kobuti, Peehalho , João Baltieri
2D Animation: Hugo takahashi, Ivan Di Simoni
Color: Carlos Humbiers Junior
Sound Design: Ricardo Bertran
Agency: J.Walter Thompson
Producer: Be 180
Set Producer: Ricardo de Oliveira
Equipment Support: Play Projeções
Video: Francisco Mitre

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