St.Petersburg Open 2016 Show

This September the International Tennis Tournament St. Petersburg Open (ATP World Tour) was a great success and gathered world’s best athletes on the courts of “Sibur Arena”. The final matches were attended by impressive number of spectators. There gathered more than 7000 people who wanted to know the names of the winners and cheer on the tennis players. In the end of the tournament visitors could see the closing ceremony, produced by #ИсполняйМечты center and headed by director Eva Gabulova and Radugadesign studio. This year we have implemented the concept called “Born to be the first one!”. Along with the heroes of the show viewers travelled a path to the victory and the opportunity to be the first in the sport.

Producer: Aleksei Lozhkin
Art director: Alexander Abramov
CG Production director: Roman Gubanov
Storyboard: Sergei Voronov, Nikolai Kulyahtin
3D artists/Motion designers:
Alexander Abramov
Aleksei Brin
Yaroslav Berkut
Anton Novosad
Artur Zhamaletdinov
Dmitry Kulikov
Ivan Solod
Music: Zedd – Beautiful Now (Grey Remix)

Show director: Eva Gabulova
Technical director: Aleksei Zhazhelo
Producer: Francesca Nesterenko, Aleksei Kruglyakov
Choreographer: Arseny Nikolashev
Choreographer-tutor show: Svetlana Zykova

Videocase production
Directed video: Alexandra Zagorodnyaya
Director of photography: Konstantin Bykovsky, Maxim Dianov, Ulita Bronveyber
Camera technician: Konstantin Bykovsky
Editor: Artem Ermakov

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