St.Petersburg Ladies Trophy Show 2016

International women’s tennis tournament «St.Petersburg Ladies Trophy» – 2016, supported by Radugadesign studio.
In the «Ladies Trophy» project we used Free Format holographic projection screens. Having almost transparent structure, they delay the light. And with the correct light settings they are practically invisible, and it allows the audience to enjoy the images and performances of dancers, which were interected with projected content.

Making of:

Producer: Aleksei Lozhkin

Art director: Oleg Krisanov

Supervisor: Kirill Makuha

3D artists / Motion designers:
Alexander Abramov
Maxim Malakhov
Ellen Elkiev
Artemy Perevertin
Alexey Orlov
Yaroslav Berkut
Anton Novosad
Andrew Flat
Anatoly Belikov

Show director: Eva Gabulova

Technical director of the show: Aleksei Zhazhelo

Producer of the show: Francesca Nesterenko, Aleksei Kruglyakov

Choreographer: Arseny Nikolashev

Choreographer-tutor: Svetlana Zykova

Lighting show: Anton Voronin

Costume show: Anastasia Nikolina

Makeup artist: Yana Ditkovskaya

Director of photography: Artem Ermakov, Sergey Shubin, Anna Grusho

Track: ODESZA feat. Monsoonsiren – Memories That You Call

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