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How to create content for video mapping?

Video projection mapping has been around for a long time now. Advances in technology are enabling more and more people to artistically project content onto any surface. Creating live, interactive augmented reality projections. In this article lets look at how to create content for video mapping? It can be both creative and excruciating to create content […]

Types of 3D projection mapping content

Types of 3D projection mapping content 3D video projection mapping is all the rage now. Every project show can be enhanced with the use of 3D video mapping content. Even though it’s been done for a while now, each show has unique effects that make it a novelty for viewers. That’s why there are different […]

Video Mapping @ Science & Fiction Festival 2016 München

For this Installation we teamed up with our friends from motomoto motomo.to and Janosch kartschall from moovid.de Audiodesign again from red dawn audio reddawn.audio Soundsystem was provided by schieferton schieferton.com Equipment was provided by Limelight veranstaltungtechnik limelight-veranstaltungstechnik.de/

AVA @ Mapping Festival 2014

We travelled to Geneva on May/June 2014 to be a part of Mappathon at the Mapping Festival. We had the opportunity of meeting great people, working and learning new software directly from the developers as well as experiencing the latest trends and technologies with everything mapping related. In the second half of the video you’ll […]

Neopop 2013 | Visuals & Stage Design

So close to my idea of live, we work in this direction with Nikelodeon, hope to have some contacts to get out of this italian country that cannot offer anything to people found in art and music. Ciao.

Adult Swim: Upfront Party

Client: Adult Swim Agency: BFG Featuring: Owl Bundy Date: May 2012 Creative Director: Ricardo Rivera Executive Producer: Michelle Barbieri Producer: Natalie Weiss

Adult Swim Upfront Party 2016


Me & City – AW 2018 Fashion Show

Outstanding fashion show introducing the Autumn/Winter collection of Me&City, one of the most well-known fashion retailer on the Chinese market. WB Show developed a 20 minutes video content projected on an 80-meter wide screen to sublimate the identity of the brand.

NUNC Interactive A/V Performance

NUNC; Latin for “now” NUNC was prepared as a performance providing 360 degrees of viewing experience. It was performed in various events and halls during 2016 and 2017. DIRECTION & ANIMATION: BİŞEYLER New Media Works Director: B. Ece Okuyucu & Gökhan Okuyucu Art Director: Ethem Cem Designer: Enes Özenbaş, Hasan Salih Akan, Sait Sevgi Trio […]

Video Mapping Test

Piccolo test di video mapping sulla mia cucina. Non fate caso alle sbavature, l’ho fatto in 10 minuti Little test video mapping in my kitchen. Sorry for the smudge, I did it in 10 minutes

ITEOTA / Online Experience

In the Eyes of the Animal now online at ITEOTA.com Virtual reality (VR) experience In the Eyes of the Animal is an artistic interpretation of the sensory perspectives of four British species. Created using Lidar scans, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) / drones & bespoke 360° cameras, the work is accompanied by a bin-aural soundscape using audio recordings sourced from […]

Schlosslichtspiele 2017 – SAVE THE DATE

Do, 03.08.2017 – So, 10.09.2017, Schlossgarten Karlsruhe Die Erfolgsgeschichte der Schlosslichtspiele wird auch 2017 fortgeschrieben. Im Rahmen der Heimattage Baden-Württemberg wird erneut eine spannende Auswahl an künstlerischen Projektionen präsentiert – in diesem Jahr liegt der Schwerpunkt auf neuen Formen der Architektur. »Die Schlosslichtspiele entwickeln sich, neben dem Fest, zur erfolgreichsten Eigenmarke unserer Stadt«, so Oberbürgermeister […]