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World Humanitarian Summit 2016 Opening CeremonyWorld Humanitarian Summit 2016 Opening Ceremony

World Humanitarian Summit 2016 Opening Ceremony

Special Event Coordinator (UNOCHA/UNDP): Hazami Barmada Executive Director (Global Events, UN Foundation) : Patricia Padilla Sr Manager (Global Events, UN Foundation) : Elizabeth DeNoia Associate (Global Events, UN Foundation): Amanda Trocola Head of Film on Photo (UNOCHA): Charlotte Cans Project Management: CEO Event Creative Director: Krista Monson Stage Manager: Gabriel Dube-Dupuis CONTENT PRODUCTION / ILLUSIONIST […]
Watsons Beauty AwardsWatsons Beauty Awards

Watsons Beauty Awards

CLIENT: WATSONS TÜRKİYE PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Tarık KÖNİ / Plus Event VENUE: Raffles Hotel İSTANBUL SET DESIGN & CONTENT PRODUCTION by ILLUSIONIST Art Director: Serdar KORKMAZ Production Manager: Onur KULEN Artistic Director: Çisil OĞUZ Scenography: Ela AYDEMİR Composer & Sound Designer: İbrahim ÖZMEN Motion Designer: Yunus Emre GÜLER CG Artist/Animator: Erim BENER Illustrator: Nila DEDEOĞLU, Yaprak […]
showreel ruestungsschmie.deshowreel


Showreel Honoured to feature projects @ Schloss Karlsruhe, Germany @ Sv. Ludmila, Praha, Czech Republic @ Tsiam Sha Tsui Center and Empire Center, Hong Kong @ Donaucenter, Neu-Ulm, Germany @ Mijazaki Prefecture Art Msueau, Mijazaki, Japan @ Sts. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral Basilica, Pecs, Hungary @Deutsches Nationaltheater, Weimar, Germany As always with a lot […]
Visualsupport Mapping Reel 2016Visualsupport Mapping Reel 2016

Visualsupport Mapping Reel 2016

We are one of the most experienced companies in Poland specializing in large scale 3D mapping technology spectacles. We create the illusion of giving life to the object, making it dynamic and undergoing amazing and intriguing transformations by designing animation for entire buildings or parts of scenography requiring precision, products, and even entire scenes with […]
MotionLabMotionLabMotionLab Projection Mapping Showreel

MotionLab Projection Mapping Showreel

MotionLab is a new media creative studio specialized in 2D and 3D animation, projection mapping, interactive installations. Motionlab studio is operating worldwide. We combine art, science, and technology in every work we produce.


We can see the light. Where it does not exist! We are changing the space. We’re going into space. We’re close to the stars. We create the forms. We break barriers. We’re loved by millions. We appreciate everyone. We participate in festivals. We’re the winners. We’re … ILLUMINARIUM3000 And we believe that Everything is illuminated! […]
li projection mapping Showreelli projection mapping Showreel

li projection mapping Showreel

The EDGE C and EDGE DS by Light Instruments are two compact multi video servers. They provide the possibility to extend every kind of projector with the technical opportunities of video mapping. The EDGE C is controlled by the native EDGE C iPad app. The EDGE DS was specially developed for the field of digital […]
Mindscape Studio Video Mapping Showreel 2017Mindscape Studio Video Mapping Showreel 2017

Mindscape Studio Video Mapping Showreel 2017

Video mapping and motion design, on different buildings in Bucharest and in other cities in Romania, but also from abroad, on various stages at festivals and private events, on cars and different 3D shapes. These are just a few of the components that our work consists of. Thus, we want to present to you the […]


MOTIONWIP / DIRECTION ARTISTIQUE / SCENOGRAPHIE DIGITALE / MOTION DESIGN WIP signifie work in progress. C’est ainsi que nous voyons notre pratique, en perpétuelle recherche d’expériences et supports inédits. Nourris par une veille permanente et une pratique expérimentale, nous concevons chaque projet sur-mesure pour magnifier votre univers. Nous sommes directeurs artistiques, révélant la créativité des […]
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DAR AL-HANDASAH Shair and Partners | 60 Years Anniversary

And here is Domino Production’s latest international fantastic project. Our team is excited to present you this powerful 3DMapping for 60 year’s anniversary of DAR AL-HANDASAH Shair and Partners – one of the world’s biggest architecture and engineering consultancy organization. Specially designed and prepared stage, stunning lights and visuals, amazing animations, projection and mapping.