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Ibiza Light Festival 2017 / GraffMapping

Port Esportiu Marina d’Eivissa / Puerto de Ibiza. Islas Baleares. España Ibiza Light Festival, 13 y 14 de Octubre de 2017. GraffMapping Team / Richard Santana + Fluff Designer + Aday Rodríguez + Felipe García. Agradecimientos a: Fluge Audiovisuales Ibiza – Improbable Films – 3dlight – Pope Maroto – Micro Slider y muchos más.
Facebook Stalking (Projection Mapping Demo)Facebook Stalking (Projection Mapping Demo)

Facebook Stalking (Projection Mapping Demo)

A new media exhibit piece designed to push the boundaries of digital identity. This piece was created with spatially augmented reality/projection mapping techniques, using software developed as part of a larger research project. As a background, this was presented as a final project in a new media art class. A facebook friend request was sent […]
Manuel chantre – Mapping Festival ProfileManuel chantre – Mapping Festival Profile

Manuel chantre – Mapping Festival Profile

FILMED AT MAPPING FESTIVAL – GENEVA – MAY 2011 MEMORSION by MANUEL CHANTRE Memorsion is a tridimensional audiovisual experience made up of twenty-two large cloth canvases assembled to create a unique maze of video projections. It appears as a labyrinth and pictures a fictive urban world. The audience is invited to enter this […]
Video mapping for PhilipsVideo mapping for Philips

Video mapping for Philips

Презентация бритвы Philips SensoTouch 3D в клубе PROGRESSIVE DADDY. Для проекции используется стена в клубе , усовершенствованная дополнительными элементами на стене и полу.
Enso in the Qing Dynasty WallEnso in the Qing Dynasty Wall

Enso in the Qing Dynasty Wall

Enso is the Zen practice of drawing a circle with a single brush stroke. This artwork depicts an Enso drawn as Spatial Calligraphy. The brush stroke is suspended in space but the viewpoint changes to reveal the circle Enso. teamLab has been working on Spatial Calligraphy since the collective formed. A new interpretation of traditional […]
A-Lin《一直走 GO》Official Music VideoA-Lin《一直走 GO》Official Music Video

A-Lin《一直走 GO》Official Music Video

Credit 製作人Produced by荒井十一∕A-Lin 編曲 Arranged by NESE倪子岡/T-Ma 鼓Drums by荒井十一 和聲編寫Backing Vocal Arranged by Brandy田曉梅 和聲Backing Vocal Performed by Brandy田曉梅/A-Lin/荒井十一 主唱&和聲錄音Vocal & Backing Vocal Recorded by荒井十一/克昶 @白金錄音室 鼓錄音Drums Recorded by李遊@55T.E.C, Beijing 音頻編輯Audio Edited by荒井十一/倪涵文 @TweakToneLabs, Beijing 混音Mixed by周天澈 @TweakToneLabs, Beijing
Miguel CHEVALIER Complex Meshes 2016 BruxellesMiguel CHEVALIER Complex Meshes 2016 Bruxelles

Miguel CHEVALIER Complex Meshes 2016 Bruxelles

A film by Claude Mossessian © Claude Mossessian Miguel CHEVALIER Complex Meshes 2016 Generative virtual-reality installation Private collection, Brussels, Belgium On the occasion of Art Brussels 2016 Friday, April 22, 2016 Software: Cyrille Henry / Antoine Villeret Voxels Productions : Nicolas Gaudelet, Emilie Lesne