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Turkcell Technology Summit 2013 / Indoor Projection & Video Mapping

Turkcell Teknoloji Zirvesi 2013 —————————————– INDOOR PROJECTION & VIDEO MAPPING in Istanbul/TURKEY Organisation by: Figür Turizm Techical Provider: Pia —————————————– Concept Design Light Design Stage Design Film & Animations Production & Operation by ILLUSIONIST

CEV EuroVolley 2019 W Opening Ceremony Show

Open your eyes. See what is around. Feel what is inside. Look. The world is built upon faith. Do believe in yourself. It’s in your nature. Don’t forget. As you are made of earth, you may also rise and shine like a star. Find out. The secret of success is carved in the endurance of […]

What do you should to know ordering projection mapping service

How to order projection 3d video mapping. Tipps for communications with Video Mapping company suppliers This time we want to share a corporate experience of LIME ART GROUP with our readers. Occasionally, during the communication process with our clients interested in video mapping producing services we face certain problems. This article is aimed to provide […]

Pricing for Video Mapping projection show

How much does  Video Mapping Projection cost ? We decided that it makes sense to write an article answering the question: “How much video mapping projection show costs?” since sometimes we get  a lot of requests to  create a video show for clients. Sometimes the cost of videos does not suit the customer’s requirements For example, a […]

Best video projection mapping decor for wedding

Looking to create a bold and unique wedding décor element for your big day? Transform your wedding venue with the help of projection mapping also known as video mapping or video projection mapping. Take your guests on a journey to any city or landscape in the world. Create decorations or memorable instances with special effects on […]

CEDC – video mapping 3D

CEDC International is one of the biggest producers and distributor of alcohol in the world. We created video mapping 3D scenography for their corporate event on a cube structure.

Visualsupport Mapping Reel 2016

We are one of the most experienced companies in Poland specializing in large scale 3D mapping technology spectacles. We create the illusion of giving life to the object, making it dynamic and undergoing amazing and intriguing transformations by designing animation for entire buildings or parts of scenography requiring precision, products, and even entire scenes with […]

Mercedes Car Mapping

3D-Videomapping im Rahmen der Fahrzeugpräsentation Unsere Dienstleistungen: Entwicklung des technischen Setups 3D-Animation Technische Durchführung Kunde: RTT AG Lead Agentur: Stein Communication

Piloci Studio – showreel 2018

pilocistudio.pl music: Yoann Feynman x Monomotion – Noir

Maestro – Sharjah Light Festival 2017

For a second year in a row, we were invited by Nomada to participate at the Sharjah Light Festival 2017. For this occasion we introduced Maestro, a new interactive video mapping, controlled by the user through a futuristic illuminated console. The installation was set up on a half kilometer long building with 19 video projectors of […]