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7R Logistics – Mapping 3D

Scenography created for 7R Logistics new logo presentation event. We used LED display and lights also on the both sides was projection mapping on the new logo statues. Scenography – Piloci Studio Animation, motion design – Piloci Studio

Solstice 2017 VJ Set

We used our custom projection mapping tool for our VJ set at the Root Stage during Solstice 2017 in Ontario Canada. We mapped the triangles above the stage as well as the screen to the right. Projections behind the DJ are by Dan Browne. A huge thank you to Steve Zumone, Dan Browne and Don […]

8th ABSL Conference – Intro

On June 13th-14th, Łódź hosted the 8th ABSL Conference – the most prestigious business service sector event in the CEE region. The Conference gathered nearly 1.100 participants from all over the world. We were invited to create an opening intro for this prestigious event. Main theme of the intro was based on conference key visual […]

2047 APOLOGUE Weaving Machine

In June, the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Beijing hosted the premiere of the show “2047 Apologue” by the Chinese director and visionary–Zhang Yimou. The director extends the traditional forms of stage performances, combining Chinese folk art with modern technology. The show consisted of eight performances, which were prepared by 20 international […]

Schlosslichtspiele 2017 – SAVE THE DATE

Do, 03.08.2017 – So, 10.09.2017, Schlossgarten Karlsruhe Die Erfolgsgeschichte der Schlosslichtspiele wird auch 2017 fortgeschrieben. Im Rahmen der Heimattage Baden-Württemberg wird erneut eine spannende Auswahl an künstlerischen Projektionen präsentiert – in diesem Jahr liegt der Schwerpunkt auf neuen Formen der Architektur. »Die Schlosslichtspiele entwickeln sich, neben dem Fest, zur erfolgreichsten Eigenmarke unserer Stadt«, so Oberbürgermeister […]

Summoning the “King of Knights”Projection Mapping

I’ve also included explanations about the people in charge of each component. Costume Designer / Cosplayer : DaLi( Armor craft artist : Wasabi( Sword creator : Dai( Projection Mapping : Megadebu( Projection Mapping / 3D modeler : mon7( Photographer : Shobe( Camera Department : Nagasawa Hideto(ARK JAPAN)( Lighting designer : Mizuhara kazuho(HEART-S)( Studio : sunstudio( […]

Light Ragaz Premiere

More Informations: Tickets: Light Ragaz 18.07.17 – 30.09.17 Breathtaking world debut in Bad Ragaz The multimedia event Light Ragaz uses cutting-edge technology to project 3D effects onto the structures and formations of the rocks of the Tamina Gorge with millimeter precision. The raw rocks reach up to 80 meters. The nightly transformation of the gorge […]

Standard Life Opening Event: Bloom full event film | 2017 International Festival

The Edinburgh International Festival was established in 1947 in the aftermath of the Second World War to ‘provide a platform for the flowering of the human spirit’. 70 years later, Edinburgh has bloomed magnificently as the world’s Festival City, and its impact has pollinated cities across the globe, propagating new festivals throughout Europe, America and […]

NONAGON AV Performance (Promotional edit)

Hybrid_Nonagon // AV show by Paula Temple and Jem the Misfit. Premiered Friday 17 October 2014, at the EYE museum, Amsterdam. R&S Records artist Paula Temple teams up with award-winning visual artist Jem the Misfit for an unprecedented techno-infused spectacle. Hybrid_Nonagon is an audio visual journey of 9 parts exploring hybridity that blurs the borders […]


INTERACTIVE PEOPLE Commissioned by IBL For this second edition of the Porlwi by Light Festival, in Mauritius, AC3 Studio presents a visual and interactive journey trough four collective experiences where technology disappears to promote human relationships. We would like to thank and congratulate the entire festival team for their energy and professionalism deployed in the […]

Audiovisual improvisation at Metaxu gallery in Toulon, France

An extract of a live audio (Benoit Bottex) and visual (Nicolas Boillot) improvisation Saturday night at the gallery Metaxu in Toulon, France  Via Vimeo

Kuflex Exhibition #1

Interactive digital art exhibition of Kuflex studio. Media Art Abrau gallery Abrau-Durso, Russia, 2017 Kuflex Team: Artist – Igor Tatarnikov (Sodazot) Programmer – Denis Perevalov Curator – Ksenia Lyashenko VR Artist – Julius Horsthuis ( Sound Designer – Alexey Yankov (Leksha, Graphic Designer – Lyosha Kovalyov Technical Director – Yury Katin Technical Setup […]

L.E.G at Hideout Festival

L.E.G at Hideout Festival 2015, Croatia. We were invited to design and build a 360 light installation in keeping with the festival branding. This installation returns to the beach in Croatia every year. 5x5m 20 x LED pars 44 x 1.5m LED fixtures 44 x 1m LED fixtures 1 x Strobe Laser cut plywood panels […]

Water projection – Freckled Sky (Demo Reel 2016)

Producing and creative – Freckled Sky Engineering and video-content production – Front Pictures Music by Drehz – Machine Routine Via Vimeo  

VJing by Tenpoint VJs – Demo Reel 2016

VJing by Tenpoint VJs – Demo Reel 2016 Via Vimeo  


MOTIONWIP / DIRECTION ARTISTIQUE / SCENOGRAPHIE DIGITALE / MOTION DESIGN WIP signifie work in progress. C’est ainsi que nous voyons notre pratique, en perpétuelle recherche d’expériences et supports inédits. Nourris par une veille permanente et une pratique expérimentale, nous concevons chaque projet sur-mesure pour magnifier votre univers. Nous sommes directeurs artistiques, révélant la créativité des […]

Harley Davidson Екатеринбург

It was a very pleasant project in every respect !!! Absolutely friendly and truly cordial reception from HOG Ekaterinburg! For which we gladly created a unique decoration with a motorcycle hovering in the air, we developed a powerful 3D video accompanying content and took upon ourselves all the emotional nuances in the realization of the […]

Opening Сycle Track in Kyiv / 3D Light Show / Ukraine

Amazing Opening Сycle Track in Kyiv / 3D Light Show / Ukraine In Kiev, the opening of the renovated cycle track, which is one of the oldest cycling tracks in Europe (built in 1913). It was not once tried to destroy and restore, but today, after decades of oblivion, the Kiev cycle track has reborn […]

V…Mir Live you Play 2017

An interactive ballet performance produced by Laserentertainment using Blacktrax tracking technology and reactive realtime visual mapping with Touchdesigner CREDITS Producer: Laserentertainment s.r.l Performer: Ivan Zappetti and Jenny Godano Art director:Diomedi Mattia Touchdesigner programming: Mattia Diomedi, Andrew Quinn Touchdesigner special consultant: Andrew Quinn Laser Programming: Lorenzo Pompei Music by: Jóhann Jóhannsson, Kangding Ray Via Vimeo

Pílulas Porão do Rock 2015

Stage design to a Rock’s Festival in Brazil

II Espetáculo anual ATA Brasília

A martial arts spectacle where the shadows fights against the masters.

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