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What If (short edit) – White Night Melbourne 2018What If (short edit) – White Night Melbourne 2018

What If (short edit) – White Night Melbourne 2018

It is a short edit of our 6 min long artwork created for White Night Melbourne 2018 on the Royal Exhibition Building. WHAT IF.. Buildings came to life and transformed? Mythical, Magical creatures were real? There was a 5th dimension? Spirituality and higher consciousness had a visual presence? There was a portal to another more […]
3D Architecture Mapping /// Bordos.Artworks & Invited Artists (HU) /// Mapping Festival 20123D Architecture Mapping /// Bordos.Artworks & Invited Artists (HU) /// Mapping Festival 2012

3D Architecture Mapping /// Bordos.Artworks & Invited Artists (HU) /// Mapping Festival 2012 Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, Geneva, May 19th, 2012 Bordos.ArtWorks and Invited Artists 3D artists:  Laszlo Zsolt Bordos, Ivo Kovacs, Daniel Szalko, Andras Miklos Balogh Sound:  Alva Noto. Courtesy of Alva Noto  and  Budde Music / Schubert Music Publishing Kft Tracks: Kristallgitter/ Autorec2002; Uni Dia, Uni Deform, Uni Mode/Unvrs2011 Label: Raster-Noton Concept & Direction: Laszlo […]
Аrchitectural Phantoms/Spring Vibrations/Saint-Peterburg/2017Аrchitectural Phantoms/Spring Vibrations/Saint-Peterburg/2017

Аrchitectural Phantoms/Spring Vibrations/Saint-Peterburg/2017

Архитектурные Фантомы/Весенние Вибрации/Санкт -Петербург/2017 Друзья , Мы Illuminarium3000 , продолжаем серию проектов с общим названием “Архитектурные Фантомы” (“Аrchitectural Phantoms”). Начало положила “ожившая” Екатерина Вторая, а совсем скоро , 8го марта , на фасаде магазина купцов Елисеевых состоится второй аудио визуальный спектакль. Название данного проекта – “Весенние Вибрации” (“Spring Vibrations”). Главная идея 3D-мэппинг-представления призвана отразить историю […]
Visualsupport Mapping Reel 2016Visualsupport Mapping Reel 2016

Visualsupport Mapping Reel 2016

We are one of the most experienced companies in Poland specializing in large scale 3D mapping technology spectacles. We create the illusion of giving life to the object, making it dynamic and undergoing amazing and intriguing transformations by designing animation for entire buildings or parts of scenography requiring precision, products, and even entire scenes with […]


N was born from the interest to explore, interpret and represent nature’s laws, in an attempt to recreate these processes and to trigger in the viewer the impression to be in front of a living organism. The physical system is controlled by real-time data captured live through a wind sensor. More info on
Maestro – Sharjah Light Festival 2017Maestro – Sharjah Light Festival 2017

Maestro – Sharjah Light Festival 2017

For a second year in a row, we were invited by Nomada to participate at the Sharjah Light Festival 2017. For this occasion we introduced Maestro, a new interactive video mapping, controlled by the user through a futuristic illuminated console. The installation was set up on a half kilometer long building with 19 video projectors of […]
Hong Kong PULSEHong Kong PULSE

Hong Kong PULSE

Hong Kong Tourism board annual summer show PULSE. The show’s family focused story is a unique take on how much fun and excitement can be had in the city of Hong Kong in the Summer. With iconic characters inspired by traditional local food favourites such as the Pineapple Bun, the Egg Tart and Dim Sum […]
MP-STUDIO – Rebirth / Bolshoi TheatreMP-STUDIO – Rebirth / Bolshoi Theatre

MP-STUDIO – Rebirth / Bolshoi Theatre

Due to contemporary life dynamics we all get bored very quickly. That’s why we are always looking for something new. We like to challenge ourselves and experiment with new ideas, that not only demonstrate graphic excellence, but create one of a kind experience for the audience. An adventure in the depths of the mind. Our […]
Lines A/V Architectural Mapping PerformanceLines A/V Architectural Mapping Performance

Lines A/V Architectural Mapping Performance

Lines A/V Architectural Mapping Performance the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, Romania, 2016 Lines is an abstract architectural mapping show which took place on the facade of the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, which is the second largest administrative building in the world, with usage of more than 104 projectors over 2.000.000 ANSI lumens, […]
IV Centenario de la Plaza Mayor de Madrid. OficialIV Centenario de la Plaza Mayor de Madrid. Oficial

IV Centenario de la Plaza Mayor de Madrid. Oficial

Official video of the IV Centenary of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. Idea, production and direction Citizen Kien – Artistic Projects Otucinema Artistic direction Diana Jusdado Miguel Romera Óscar Testón Technical direction Francisco de Borja González (FLUGE & BNC AV) 2D / 3D Romera Design and Infographics Miguel Romera, Manuel Romera, Santiago Villa, Juan José […]
Samsung-Bridge-Stills_00012Samsung-Bridge-Stills_00012Interactive Bridge Projection – Dublin, Ireland

Interactive Bridge Projection – Dublin, Ireland

In September 2017 we worked on the launch of the new Samsung Note 8, which saw the 120 meter Samuel Beckett bridge brought to life for Samsung’s “Do Bigger Things campaign”. We worked on serval different aspects of this project. Creative: We worked with Harpist Aisling Ennis and Agency Guns and Knives to develop some […]