Possible Worlds: Attraction

This is a demo of ‘Possible Worlds’: an immersive video project created for 360 / full dome environment. I created different worlds, objects and graphics that I can merge together in real time. These are loops that can be mixed live in a real dome with Vjing software. It’s an immersive VJ set and I wanted to show you how I can play live with my different elements.
This video is a screen recording of myself exploring ‘Possible Worlds’ in an application made by The Society for Arts and Technology. ‘SATDomePort’ is a software that allows you to experience your full dome content in real time.
I am also using ‘Resolume Arena’ to VJ inside this virtual dome. Resolume offers the DXV Quicktime codec that let you work effortlessly with a lot of layers and high resolution video such as this project: 2048×2048
‘Possible Worlds’ was performed for the first time in Montreal at SAT in 2015, January 17th for the album launch of Moses Baxter.
Click the link below to watch ‘Possible Worlds’ for real.
If you want to learn more about the project visit my website:
You can also watch more demos here:
Very special thanks to the expertise of SAT who made this ‘Possible’. The organization has created the first immersive modular theatre, dedicated to artistic creation and visualization activities. They trained me and gave me the opportunity to perform and create within the dome. They are amazing, visit their website:

Music: Dam Mantle – Spirit
Visual: Push 1 stop

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