Opening Ceremony: IIHF World Championship 2016

Radugadesign studio joined the preparation of the grand opening ceremony of the 2016 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, at VTB Ice Palace. The director and ideologist of the ice events was the famous ice dancer, successful choreographer, ice show producer and 2002 Winter Olympic silver medallist Ilya Averbukh.

The show gathered together a real team of professionals. Radugadesign studio was responsible for the multimedia part. The producers have tried to show the temperament of hockey, walked through the important stages of the history of this fast and aggressive sport, and then looked into the future a bit, making the ice in a futuristic arena. Created by the studio 3D projection was accompanied by dancers throughout the performances and became the nucleus of the visual ice show. One of the leading hockey coaches Beso Tsintsadze helped to transform the very young players of the future in the present, and even went out on the ice, entered into a severe fight with impregnable five-meter keeper.
The opening ceremony was awarded the highest ratings from both management IIHF, and from the audience. Radugadesign thanks everyone involved in this event!

Director: Ilya Averbukh

Creative Director: Ivan Nefedkin

Art director: Roman Goobanov

Producer: Aleksei Lozhkin

Supevisor: Kirill Makuha

Concept artist: Sergey Voronov

3D designers:
Elen Elkiev
Maxim Malakhov
Alexander Abramov
Alexander Medvedev
Yaroslav Berkut

Sound Design: Andrey Pereverten

Videocase production:
Directed video – Alexandra Zagorodnyaya
Director of photography – Artem Ermakov
Camera technician – Konstantin Bykovsky
Editor – Artem Ermakov
Music: Divinity (Odesza Remix) Porter Robinson Feat. Amy Millan

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