Logo-Presentation Schlender 2014 / Projection Mapping on shaped Surface

For the presentation of a new logo for a german manufacturer of ring binders we created this little moviepiece.

The whole Video was shot on the manufacturers location in the factory building. we used a forex-plate to cut out the logo-outline, applied it to a robot-arm in the factory building and used a small 3,5k-projector and madmapper / modul8 to project the content on it.

the content itself was rendered in after effects and created live with madline and madgraphicpatterns. every take was shot with a BMCC 2.5K and a camerarail. editing and post in premiere pro cc and some aftereffects.

concept / videomapping / content & post: uwe schroeder / visualprime.de
camera / robot-programming: roger schlender

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