Kuflex Exhibition #1

Interactive digital art exhibition of Kuflex studio.
Media Art Abrau gallery
Abrau-Durso, Russia, 2017

Kuflex Team:
Artist – Igor Tatarnikov (Sodazot)
Programmer – Denis Perevalov
Curator – Ksenia Lyashenko

VR Artist – Julius Horsthuis (http://julius-horsthuis.com)
Sound Designer – Alexey Yankov (Leksha, https://soundcloud.com/leksha)
Graphic Designer – Lyosha Kovalyov
Technical Director – Yury Katin
Technical Setup – Kamerton Pro (http://kamerton.pro)
Video – Like A Movie Production (http://likeamovie.ru)
Photographer – Maria Yastrebova
We would like to thank everyone for making our exhibition possible.
Special thanks to:
Dmitry Karpov,
Igor Rogov and Studio 7CG (for working on installation Another Land),
Interactive Lab Company for working on the VR zone (http://interactivelab.ru),
Rentaphoto Company for technical support in video and photo shooting.

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