Interactive projection mapping done with Unity 3d, Leap Motion and Arduino / Uniduino / Adafruit

After my prerendered automotive #projection #mapping I wanted to do an #interactive one. So here is a prototype I built in my spare time to learn more about gesture recognition with the #leapmotion, programmed in C# using an #arduino / #uniduino board with an #adafruit #motorshield to drive the cube / tesseract.

This personal project was an interesting diversion from my normal job as freelance interface and motion designer. But I have always liked to do things hands on anyways which is also why you can find my #DIY teleprompter here:

Compositing and code by:


3D models from all over:

Thanks to:
Ilya Suzdalnitski for the portal shader which works like masks in Photoshop and After Effects

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