Installation – Videoprojection, lazercut, wood, latexpaint, sonic loop

Logor is a kinetic installation composed by a model, a video-mapping and a sonic loop.
The erupting volcano leaking its magma as an allegory of the continuous flow of images powered by the internet.
The video gunk composed by a mash-up of motion pictures sampled online slowly oozes on the sides of the pixel pyramid-like volcano.
The stream, projected 360°, slowly shifts from from a hypnotic dazzling to a climaxing visual overdose in a never-ending loop, similarly to an animated gif.
This installation, monument to to the viral and/or disposable trajectory of this mini-pieces, question our relationship with images (#visualboulimia ?) as well as the forms and the places of art.
Light and pixels are claimed as paint and brushes, animated gif as a piece.
The process of sampling/repost as a curatorial act (VJing DJing), and the online wandering as a museum visit.
This work has been displayed at 6B in june 2016, for the Oyé Festival.

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