Luca Agnani :: Fermo / Piazza del Popolo :: Architectural Mapping 3d :: Nufabric & Marche Tourism Network

Architectural Mapping 3d 01.01.2013 Comune di Fermo – Piazza del Popolo Musica: Amon Tobin – Surge

Video-mapping on mosque – Dubai 2016 / Sharjah 2017

Oasis-oasis is an in-situ digital mural. Light projection is used here as kinectic painting. During a 10 minutes spacialised video loop, we can peep a choregraphic ballet of shapes, patterns and colors recalling – through an abstract narration – the concept of oasis as a place of gathering, blending, and luxuriance. This piece, produced by […]

Installation – Videoprojection, lazercut, wood, latexpaint, sonic loop

Logor is a kinetic installation composed by a model, a video-mapping and a sonic loop. The erupting volcano leaking its magma as an allegory of the continuous flow of images powered by the internet. The video gunk composed by a mash-up of motion pictures sampled online slowly oozes on the sides of the pixel pyramid-like […]

Projection Textures – Video Mapping Tutorials

Projection Textures – Video Mapping Tutorials

Video Mapping Tutorial 1: How to do Projection Mapping

Video Mapping Toolkit Tutorial

Video Mapping Tutorial 2: How to do Video Mapping

Video Mapping Projection Tutorial – Toolkit 2… Video content Produced by: Alexander Kuiava Powered by: LIME ART GROUP New Solutions for Media & Show: Production. Design. Performance Join us on Facebook: Contact us: office (at) Skype: limeartgroup Welcome to the Partners Websites: Art Gallery in Vienna – International VJ Store […]

Untold Galaxy Stage 2017

Untold Galaxy Stage, an upgraded project from our first collaboration with this festival in the 2016 edition. This year, like last year, we made the stage design, video content and technical implementation at the event. As you can already know, we cover a wide area of services, from consulting to conception, planning and realization of […]

South Temple at Neversea Festival – 4K Projection Mapping and Live Visuals

If you ever thought about how a video mapping would look on a temple, for three days you could see something like that at Neversea at the South Temple stage. For this festival that took place on the beach, we made colorful visuals, full of motion and life, that animated the audience at the first […]

7R Logistics – Mapping 3D

Scenography created for 7R Logistics new logo presentation event. We used LED display and lights also on the both sides was projection mapping on the new logo statues. Scenography – Piloci Studio Animation, motion design – Piloci Studio

Multimedia Show /LED, Dome Projection

Dance, Music, Animation and Video Mapping 360° combined all together in exciting Multimedia Show. Direction: Jacek Kościuszko Choreography/Dance: Daniel Stryjecki Visual Effects: OneCell Art Direction/Graphic Design/Animation: Celina Skiba 2nd Animator: Piotr Skiba Production Supervisor: Sylwia Kościuszko Multimedia: E4EYE Production: Film Image Location: Alvernia Studios

Solstice 2017 VJ Set

We used our custom projection mapping tool for our VJ set at the Root Stage during Solstice 2017 in Ontario Canada. We mapped the triangles above the stage as well as the screen to the right. Projections behind the DJ are by Dan Browne. A huge thank you to Steve Zumone, Dan Browne and Don […]

Vanessa Hafenbrädl – latest video installations

Summary of my publicly listed videoinstallations – free work as well as commissioned works. In my videos, I bring organic elements in conjunction with mystic, projected onto different materials and surfaces, according to the philosophy “panta rhei” (everything flows). I make images in a context available to the viewer, so he can tell his own […]

8th ABSL Conference – Intro

On June 13th-14th, Łódź hosted the 8th ABSL Conference – the most prestigious business service sector event in the CEE region. The Conference gathered nearly 1.100 participants from all over the world. We were invited to create an opening intro for this prestigious event. Main theme of the intro was based on conference key visual […]

2047 APOLOGUE Weaving Machine

In June, the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Beijing hosted the premiere of the show “2047 Apologue” by the Chinese director and visionary–Zhang Yimou. The director extends the traditional forms of stage performances, combining Chinese folk art with modern technology. The show consisted of eight performances, which were prepared by 20 international […]

Schlosslichtspiele 2017 – SAVE THE DATE

Do, 03.08.2017 – So, 10.09.2017, Schlossgarten Karlsruhe Die Erfolgsgeschichte der Schlosslichtspiele wird auch 2017 fortgeschrieben. Im Rahmen der Heimattage Baden-Württemberg wird erneut eine spannende Auswahl an künstlerischen Projektionen präsentiert – in diesem Jahr liegt der Schwerpunkt auf neuen Formen der Architektur. »Die Schlosslichtspiele entwickeln sich, neben dem Fest, zur erfolgreichsten Eigenmarke unserer Stadt«, so Oberbürgermeister […]

Summoning the “King of Knights”Projection Mapping

I’ve also included explanations about the people in charge of each component. Costume Designer / Cosplayer : DaLi( Armor craft artist : Wasabi( Sword creator : Dai( Projection Mapping : Megadebu( Projection Mapping / 3D modeler : mon7( Photographer : Shobe( Camera Department : Nagasawa Hideto(ARK JAPAN)( Lighting designer : Mizuhara kazuho(HEART-S)( Studio : sunstudio( […]

Light Ragaz Premiere

More Informations: Tickets: Light Ragaz 18.07.17 – 30.09.17 Breathtaking world debut in Bad Ragaz The multimedia event Light Ragaz uses cutting-edge technology to project 3D effects onto the structures and formations of the rocks of the Tamina Gorge with millimeter precision. The raw rocks reach up to 80 meters. The nightly transformation of the gorge […]


This work re-imagines Claude Debussy’s classical music piece ‘The Sunken Cathedral’ through projection, changing a broken rose window into an immersive communication channel for a musical narrative.

Passchendaele 100: Stunning light display marks anniversary – BBC News

Belgium’s Ypres market square has been lit up for the Battle of Passchendaele centenary commemorations. British actress Dame Helen Mirren narrated part of the performance on Sunday evening. Almost 500,000 men were killed, injured or went missing in the World War One battle. Please subscribe HERE

Standard Life Opening Event: Bloom full event film | 2017 International Festival

The Edinburgh International Festival was established in 1947 in the aftermath of the Second World War to ‘provide a platform for the flowering of the human spirit’. 70 years later, Edinburgh has bloomed magnificently as the world’s Festival City, and its impact has pollinated cities across the globe, propagating new festivals throughout Europe, America and […]


Videomapping que realizamos en la Parroquia de Santiago Apóstol. Agradecemos la colaboración con proshow y a todas las personas que asistieron y disfrutaron la proyección. Santiago, N.L. México. 25 de Julio 2017

A-Lin《一直走 GO》Official Music Video

Credit 製作人Produced by荒井十一∕A-Lin 編曲 Arranged by NESE倪子岡/T-Ma 鼓Drums by荒井十一 和聲編寫Backing Vocal Arranged by Brandy田曉梅 和聲Backing Vocal Performed by Brandy田曉梅/A-Lin/荒井十一 主唱&和聲錄音Vocal & Backing Vocal Recorded by荒井十一/克昶 @白金錄音室 鼓錄音Drums Recorded by李遊@55T.E.C, Beijing 音頻編輯Audio Edited by荒井十一/倪涵文 @TweakToneLabs, Beijing 混音Mixed by周天澈 @TweakToneLabs, Beijing

TeN & Drummer Andy – GMTRY16Bit

Artist:Chang Funju 張方禹 & Kuo YenHung 郭彥宏 Mapping Visual:Kuo YenHung 郭彥宏, Hsieh PeiYin 謝佩吟, Afon Lin 林志峯 Lighting programed by Chang Funju 張方禹 Paper Assembly by Afon Lin 林志峯 Structure Design:Kuo YenHung 郭彥宏 & Chang Funju 張方禹 __________________________________________________ Production House:Tripper Video directed by Chang Funju 張方禹, Hsieh PeiYin 謝佩吟 Photographer: Huang JunTuan 黃俊團 Assistant camera […]