Audi A5 Launch: AI vs YOU (eng)

The new Audi A5 Coupé premiere became the world’s first automobile launch event employing real-time motion tracking technology. The car’s advantages were presented in an innovative show “Artificial Intelligence vs YOU’ — the result of a creative collaboration between the event’s general producer, DEPARTÁMENT New & Wow Marketing agency, SILA SVETA studio and Interactive Lab.

Inspired by the global campaign “If Artificial Intelligence could dream, it would dream of the new Audi A5”, the agency demonstrated a man’s main advantage over Artificial Intelligence — Artificial Intelligence is able to set the standard and create an ideal car but it will never sit behind the steering wheel of its creation.

The creative concept “AI vs YOU” was the main theme of the event and the reference point for the script of the show where real-time motion tracking technology was used. Acting as the author and the main character of its own presentation, the car effortlessly controlled the 3D mapping scenario by driving around the projected area. Special sensors were attached to the car to detect its precise location in the 500 sq.m space and to connect it to the live synchronization and rendering system creating impressive video content and controlling light fixtures in real time.

More than 400 guests watched the show from the stand designed to secure a specific viewing angle. At the show’s culmination point each of them was surprised by a phone call telling them a short phrase “But You Can” in the voice of Artificial Intelligence.

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